One way to share our family history stories is to actually tell the story of a person's life. Sir Cecil Edward Denny, Baronet was the subject of a research project for a client of mine. His story really touched me and I try to share it when I can. While he isn't part of my family, he is part of someone's.
PictureCourtesy of the RCMP Museum and Archives in Regina, SK. 1981.58.2
I love this photo of Sir Cecil Edward Denny. It reminds me so much of my grandfather, Emerson James White who used to tell us the most amazing stories, some of which may actually have some truth to them!

A little further down the page is a copy of an article I wrote that describes Denny's life.

Denny's life is recorded in a variety of places. The details were gathered from a variety of resources including: the RCMP Museum (Regina); the Glenbow Archives (Calgary); Library and Archives Canada (Ottawa); and an online resource called
The article below was written by me for the journal, The Chinook, of the Alberta Family Histories Society here in Calgary.

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