Today I read somewhere that it is two months until Christmas. This weekend we are expecting our first snowfall. The nights are chilly and I confess I've begun to think about Christmas cards and shopping for my nieces and nephews. That got me to thinking about sending the Christmas package to my siblings' families and a very special Christmas tradition between my sister and me.

Bless This House - Grandma's Tin

After our grandmother died and all the dust settled, there were a few mementoes that we kids were able to choose from. They weren’t the expensive pieces and they could easily have gone into a donation bin but we sifted through them and selected items that brought back
memories. Oddly enough, there was no overlap between what each of us selected until we got to one of Grandma’s cookie tins. It was the only thing that two of us really wanted.
My sister, Christine, and I both have wonderful memories of that tin –and the treats that Grandma made to go in it! We thought about what could make us both happy and found a way to share the tin. Each year at Christmas, we take turns sending it to each other in the Christmas package. Whichever of us receives it gets to keep it for the next year. We are happy with our decision because we both get to enjoy Grandma’s tin and we have an additional benefit of carrying on a family tradition that spans five generations.

When Mom was growing up, her grandparents moved to the coast. Because they’d moved so far away, they sent a Christmas package every year and Mom still recalls the delight they felt when it arrived. We always send presents back and forth to the kids but Chris and I figured we’d add Grandma’s tin into the mix. It’s something for us to share every year, which is nice, but it’s also a way to encourage the continuation of our tradition and have an opportunity to share our family stories, too.
I believe it’s also a way to bring to life a woman we both loved very much. None of the kids was alive when she passed so they didn’t get to meet her in person. This tin, as beat up as it’s
getting, is a tangible connection they have to our Grandma, Mom, Grandma’s parents and to my sister & to me.
This year it’s my turn to send Grandma’s tin to my sister. As it is every year, it’ll be filled with treats both traditional and experimental. As I’m packing and as they are opening, we’ll also
be remembering the huge painted pine-cones and hand-sewn aprons that great-Grandma sent every year in the Christmas package that Mom and her siblings opened every year, too.
Side Views of Grandma's Tin

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