I've been diving in to my own family tree again. Something I don't always have time for when I'm busy doing client work! It's been quite fascinating and I managed to gather quite a few details about Dad's family.
I feel very fortunate that my family is interested in the research results. Although not everyone wants to do it themselves, at least there are many people with whom I can share my findings!
This leads me to wonder how to disseminate the information to lots of people. Dad's family is quite extensive. I just need to find a good, safe way to get it out there. I used Facebook to post one of the stories I found, but that just isn't a reliable storage and it certainly isn't long-term.
In a recent conversation, one of the other members of the Alberta Family Histories Society was telling me about on-line storage that can be used for posthumous storage of our collections. All it requires is other family members having access to the login name and password.
I did a bit of exploring and so far most of what I'm finding relates to uploading family trees for public and/or private access. I like this for a start. There's a decent article on About.com by Kimberly Powell that provides descriptions and links to 10 possibilities. Here is a link to the article, http://genealogy.about.com/od/publishing/tp/web_sites.htm
My decision on which one to use will be based on which one will protect our privacy IF we decide to share photos and details about living family members; cost; and protection of the data (i.e. can anyone change it). Regarding the latter, the longer I do research, the more I realize the importance of sources and citations. I don't want the reliability of the collection to be lost by well-intentioned family members. As I'm writing this last sentence, I realize it sounds harsh and kind of uppity, but in my own defence, I've spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on my family tree and I definitely am protective!

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